How to Make the Reader Plunge into Your Story?

How does this happen that reading one text you feel sympathy, have a certain attitude to the story characters while reading another text you remain indifferent? It is up to the writer to make the story impressive and emotional for the reader to plunge into it and feel the atmosphere to the full extent. Want to learn how to do this? Then, either refer to essay writing service and get a good sample or check the guide on how to attract the reader and try to do this on your own.

How to Make Your Story Bright and Vivid?

It is easy to write a text on the topic if you have the relevant material but it is much more difficult to make it engaging. The reader will be involved only if being able to understand what you are talking about. How to hep the reader to see the characters of the story with his/her own eyes? In fact, there is nothing too complicated.

You should use describe your characters so that the reader can imagine their appearance, traits and behavior vividly. Use appropriate adjectives to highlight the important features. Remember that the reader can't see but it doesn't mean that you can't use words as an effective tool for depicting your story line.

Follow the helpful tips for writing an impressive essay:

  • Talk to the reader like with a friend: This doesn't mean that you shold write in the conversational style. This means that you should take into account the reader's interests, preferences when choosing a topic. Moreover, you should write so that the reader feels that you treat the reader with respect and are interested in his/her point of view. Interact with the target audience!
  • Share your personal experience: It is better to choose a topic, which you are familiar with and can share your experience. The reader will feel that you aren't emotionless about what you are writing about because you have faced the same problem.
  • Refer to the senses of the reader: You should do your best to write so that it seems to the reader that he/she can smell your cup of coffee, see that beautiful in the cafe, feel the author's pain when he/she faced a problem, etc. A good writer is the one who is able to cause emotions and describe so vividly so that it seems you are looking at a photo.

Want to know how to craft engaging texts? It is really simple! Just imagine that you are a reader! Reread the text you have written and answer to yourself whether you have done a good job. Write the way it would look attractive for you as if you were the reader.

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